Here are our Grand Prizes, followed by our entry form and then the list of other sites on the hop.  You can go from one hop site to another and enter to win dozens of prizes.

Our hop prizes - well I divided them up and we received two Amazon gift codes from Erica Hayes and Lisa Kessler (one for  $20 and one for $10), I will randomly assign each to a package.   So it will be a surprise bonus assigned at the end of the event!

Hop Prizes were donated by the wonderful people and corporations in the right sidebar!

Rules are right under the Rafflecopter form.  Due to the number of prizes, all prizes are available to USA only addresses.  And, you must be at least 18 to enter.

Here are pictures of and contents: Stand, Fabric, and other display items are not included.


Prize Package A:  Swag, Fair Game by Taylor Keating, Touch of Steel by Kate Cross, Scorched by Laura Griffin, Edge of Sanity by Shannon K. Butcher, and Ember's Kiss by Deborah Cooke.

Prize Package B: From Suzanne Johnson's Sentinels of New Orleans a Honorary Sentinel T-Shirt, a copy of River Road and a copy of Royal Street (both signed) , Fleur de Lis bar coasters, a bracelet from Debra Anastasia with Crushed Seraphim cards, and assorted swag.


Prize Package C:  I think of this package as the Indulgences package.  It contains A Taste of Scandal by Erin Knightly, Colorado Heart by Cindy Holby, Her Highness and the Highlander by Tracy Anne Warren, Bookmarks, 2 Sephora Body Wash pods, a notepad and a pen from Gabrielle Bisset.


Prize Package D has assorted swag from Coreene Callahan, Gabrielle Bisset, and Lara Adrian, Edge of Sanity by Shannon K. Butcher, Ember's Kiss by Deborah Cooke, Angel's Flight, and Angels Blood both by Nalini Singh, and an arc of Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher, and a pen from Gabrielle Bisset.

Prize E

Prize Package E:  This has something for lovers of adult and YA genre fiction.  Bookmarks, one of Gabrielle Bisset's Pens, Lightbringer by K.D. McEntire, and ARC of Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter, Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner,  Next to Love by Ellen Friedman and Ember's Kiss  by Deborah Cooke, and a flash drive from Scholastic with an intro to a free reading app.

Prize F

Prize Package F:  This has one of LL Bean's famous tote Bags embroidered with Fools for Luv, and Coreene Callahan's Knight Awakened and Fury of Fire, plus some bookmarks!


Prize Package G : Edge of Sanity by Shannon K. Butcher, and Ember's Kiss by Deborah Cooke, Heartbreak Creek by Kaki Warner, Colorado Heart and Claire Ashgrove's Immortal Surrender, handmade jewelry by Debra Anastasia, Ellora's Pack Trading Card, and one of their "Clicky for a Quickie" clickers.


Prize Package H: Consists of a $25 Amazom Gift Code from Joey W. Hill (emailed from her), (mailed from us) Edge of Sanity by Shannon K. Butcher and  Ember's Kiss by Deborah Cooke and some bookmarks.

PRIZE I: HarperCollins Prize! The February Romance Collection as listed listed here.  Will ship from Harper Collins.

All of these items have been readied. Are you ready to enter???

Enter Using this Entry Form: a Rafflecopter giveaway


Entering the Contest certifies and affirms that you have read the rules and affirm that you are indeed over 18, have a USA address and agree to the contest terms.

1. You MUST be at least 18 years of age.
2.  You must have an address in the United States where you can take delivery of the prize package.
3. You must provide all requested information and it must be the correct information.  Incorrect information shall immediately void the entry.
4. Once a winner's email is sent the winner will have 24 hours to respond. If that person doesn 't respond the n each other winner will move up a slot and a new winner for the last position shall be chosen.
5. Contest goes from 12:00 AM on February 1, 2013 through to the very last second of the calendar date February 14, 2013.
6. We reserve the right to make any changes we deem necessary and remain the sole abiters of any decisions to be made in reference to the contest..
7. Prizes may ship in separate packages (media mail and regular). Once we ship a prize we are not responsible for loss or damage in shipping.
8. Once we notify the provider of a prize not shipped by us we no longer have any ability or responsibility for the prize.  All are offered in good faith.
9. We have no responsibility to police, control, change advise, instruct or in any way administer the activities of any of the other blogs in the hop.   We neither  know nor endorse the blogs, authors, or their prizes.
10 Void where Prohibited.

We urge you to visit and enter contest being offered at these sites:

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  1. Viviana, Enchantress of Books
    Giveaway (US & International)

  2. Thanks, we are working out some bugs in the in linkz....
    Excited to have you on board.

  3. Found your badge promoting this event on Blogaholic. I will link up - thank you for hosting.

  4. I'm not stop 24. I love to join blog hops and now I am booked in my Feb hop. Love love your blog hop button!

    1. Well, Michelle and I cleared that all up. She IS at stop 24! Yay, we are so glad to have you!

  5. Hi! I'm stop #40 (Waves of Fiction). Do you mind updating our entry to include (INT 18+) please? Sorry I missed that.

  6. Hi I am #63 (Army Wife's Reviews) I do 18 and over US and Can.

  7. Lovely¡ I enjoy You and Yrs so much.
    Kisses and Blessed Be¡

  8. I have never done anything foolish in the name of love.

  9. God, I've sent notes, baked desserts, made mix, I have no poker face, so they always can tell I'm totally gone!


  10. Thanks for hosting such an amazing Valentine's Day give away.

  11. oh lord, what haven't i done?? but i landed me a good one with some crazy antics of mine 9 years ago! thanks for the awesomeballs hop!
    pepperpenn42 at gmail dot com

  12. I dropped my drawers in my fiancé's garden in front of his family when he put a bug in my shorts, instead of killing him I danced a jig and shucked my drawers. I should have thrown him back.

  13. I left my job and moved 600 miles away for love.

  14. Confessed my feelings at a party with all our mutual friends around. Didn't die from it and don't regret it but lordy that didn't turn out well at the time4

  15. OMG. Robin, I quit 2 jobs, found homes for 3 cats and a snake, sold my house, and moved 600 miles away for love too. It lasted 3 years, because that's how long it took me to come to my senses. I hope your love story worked out better than mine. ♥

  16. I didn't move 600 miles away but I moved 300 miles away from NYC to smack in the middle of no where. Drastic change for me when you pass cow maneuver on your way in and out lol. I also let him buy a 1970s Ford Truck even thought now it needs lots and lots of work and sucks money dry lol but... it made him happy so worth it.

  17. I gave up my own rental to move in with a guy with 4 kids, a drinking problems, anxiety issues, no drivers license and no teeth. 2 yrs later, I bought a house and left with 3 cats and almost zero furniture. Still better than being with the douche bag!!

  18. I can't say I've done anything foolish for luv, thankfully!

  19. I can't recall anything really foolish. Thanks for this amazing Hop opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  20. Friends and I would sneak into the bar when we were 16 to hang out with these older guys we had crushes on. Now that was back in 1980 when drinking age was 18. Sheesh! That was a long time ago! LOL! Thanks for the blog hop!

  21. A friend called the radio and requested a sappy love song for herself and her crush and me and my crush (this was wayyy back in the day), but the radio guy decided that he didn't want to play that song so instead of the sappy song we wanted he had her dedicate the song "I want to be rich" by, I think Calloway or someone like that. Needless to say, it wasn't nearly as "romantic" as it was supposed to be and didn't really have the impact we were hoping for back in the silly tween days!

    Shelly H.

  22. I've somehow managed to avoid ding anything truely foolish :)

  23. I've never really done anything foolish but you can definitely tell when I'm head over heels for someone and I totally show it.
    alyssaxchen14 (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. I bought him a car. No co-sign...that bugger is in my name and I already have a car. His is newer and better than mine. *smh* I was a damnable fool.

  25. I dropped my major, then out of college for the loser; before I finally realized how foolish I was!
    Thank you for the contest!
    bluebirdsub24 at gmail dot com

  26. I wrote a really sappy song about this boy I was crushing on and dedicated it to him before singing it at a talent show. Fortunately he was feeling similar otherwise it would have been really stalker chick crazy!


  27. I keep dating bi-polar men. They're needy and intelligent and sexy and BIG TROUBLE, lol.

    cc_clubbs [at] yahoo [dot] com

  28. I had a tendency to stay way to late and was often late for class or work.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  29. Most foolish? Changed who I am, became less independent. Luckily, I learned that lesson while I was young. :P


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