Saturday, February 16, 2013


Two great authors, Erica Hayes donated a $20 gift code and Lisa Kessler donated a $10 gift code.

Since we had so many fab prize packages, we decided to make them even more exciting by waiting and "rafflling" the cards to prizes AFTER they prizes were chosen.  Kind of like a little power-ball.

First for the $10 code, I randomized the prizes A through I via then I had that site choose a number between one and 9.  It went to Prize C! First Prize WInner Jessica DeLuna has chosen Prize C so she gets a $10 bonus.

Then I re-randomized the list to take out prize C and had it draw a new random number 1 through 8 and it went to Prize A.  Sixth Prize winner Pam K had picked Prize A,  so she  gets a $20 bonus!!

Emails have gone out to the winners and the authors!
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