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Creaky old voice: When I was a little girl, we celebrated Valentine's Day at school by:

Guilderland Elementary School
When I was thinking about what to post about I kept coming back to the Valentine's Days when I was in Elementary School.  My school in the 1960s was considered quite modern for the time. I recall it as a fairly pleasant place to go to school.  I think some of the teachers had some serious issues, but the space was nice.

No, I don't have a lot of connection to my old hometown having moved away when I was twenty-two. I don't return very often.  I also left High School a year early and lost touch with any one I went to school with.  Until a few weeks ago, that is.  I was surprised when, coincidentally, my old next door neighbor, who I probably hadn't seen since I was sixteen sent me an email on my blog.  He was trying to track people down for a 35 year reunion.  It's been great to reconnect online.  I decided that the coincidence was too great not to ask people what they remember from our youthful classroom experiences together.

Now, really, I knew some of these kids from 1965 to 1976, then I was gone, Sayonnara, Outta here.  This is the first time in 35 years I have wondered what I may have missed and how my life might have been richer if I had stayed in touch.

The first thing we all have memories of decorating boxes or envelopes that sat on the desk or hung over the edge.

Here's what some of us had to say:

Jim - I remember giving out cards and we had cake... i remember those heart shaped candies... with something written on it.... once i had a girl (don't remember who) give me one and i had the biggest crush on her cause she said ... secret friend HA
Jeanne - ... The valentines today make me laugh because most of them have a candy attached to them like a chocolate bar or small bag of candy. I remember ours in elementary school were either handmade or little tiny things that said "your nice" or "youuurrrr great" with a lion on it. 

Rich- I know that there was usually one or two cute little girls that I wanted to receive a nice Valentine from and was happy when I did... but I'm not too sure I ever actually told them!

Kathy- Didn't we make our valentine holders out of construction paper? Like a big envelope? We had to decorate them with paper doilies, that we cut in to hearts, lol I remember decorating the card holder, with hearts and flowers, and we had to write our names on them and hang them on our desks. Then at some point the teacher had us all get up and deliver our valentines to each person's envelope taped to their desk. lolKathleen- The simple times in life.

Sylvia- Envelopes. I always took it to the next level & made these intricate snowflake designs out of the lace doilies in heart shapes!

June- I remember taping a homemade envelope onto the side of the desk. Also decorated, the top was open for ease of getting the cards into the envelope.

Olivia- is a friend I 'met' when we both volunteered to moderate a reader's forum for an author. We're about the same age but are from different parts of the country; yet our experiences sound similar:
...We always had a box, probably from the liquor store, covered in white or red paper and gaudily decorated with hearts and cupids, etc. You dropped your cards in there and then you waited and waited and waited for them to get distributed. Usually everybody put one in for everybody else in the class. I don't ever remember anyone NOT getting a whole bunch. One year when I was in second grade, probably, I took pains deciding who should get which one but then forgot to sign my name on them. When I went home and told my parents what I'd done, they said not to worry, everybody would think it was from a secret admirer and that made it more fun. Suuuure.

And from Sally -

 I have a funny story about my daughter Arica and Valentines day. She was about 5 or 6 and we took her and her brother out of school for a weeks vacation to Disney World. We spent every waking second taking in the sights and experiencing all that Disney has to offer. One night, we put Cole (our son) and Arica in the day care at Disney so we could go to dinner with friends. All Arica had been wanting to do during that time was to make valentines day cards and was afraid she was missing out by being away from school. She was so excited when she saw that there was a table set up at the day care loaded with the little white and red doilies, colored paper, scissors, stickers, glue... When we finally went to pick her up late that night she was still up creating her valentines. Cole was fast asleep but they told us she had been at it ever since we had dropped her off! When she returned to school, with a pile of valentines in hand, she was asked to tell the teacher and the class a story about her Disney vacation. The teacher told me that all she talked about was how we had dropped her and Cole off at daycare and how she had made so many beautiful valentines. We sounded like "Parent's of the Year"!
Scan of a Valentine greeting card circa 1920.
Scan of a Valentine greeting card circa 1920. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have seen pictures where kids are still doing the boxes and envelopes, but times have changed with the use of stickers and even pre-printed boxes. Envelopes seem like a lot of fun. But, it's possible we date ourselves with our memories.  But, I want to know what you remember from the childhood Valentine's Days in your past.  Do you think Valentine's Day should be celebrated in school?

So, Be Mine, Sweet-heart!


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