Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How'd You Meet Your Other?

Several of our guests have told us the circumstances through which they met their significant other. I thought I'd share, but then, I'm curious, how did you meet your significant other, partner, or spouse?

As some of you may know my husband, Don,  and I just celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary.

Naturally my thoughts turned toward how we met and our dating to boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

We met on a blind date in 1981, cue dreamy TV scene music and fuzzy graphics. I met my husband, Don, at The Shelf in the Dewitt Clinton Hotel (apartments). I had just finished my BA at SUNYA and he was at RPI at the end of his first year of grad school.

We didn't start dating until after I started grad school though. The bar fixed us up on a blind date night they held. You filled out a little questionnaire and they matched you to someone. If your date showed up you got a bottle of Freixenet . We got married a year and a half later. A few years ago I found the button from the bar from the night we met and a postcard of the Dewitt Clinton. I made them into a shadow box for an anniversary gift.

Here's a video about the Shelf. The owner speaking is the guy who set us up. According to a local newspaper the business closed in June of 1992. My marriage is still going though! It is scarily 1980s....There's a long musical sequence so feel free to fast forward. Of particular importance is the cocktail he was making. If your date didn't show up you got one of the "Shelf Destructions."


January 8, 1983

Polled across Facebook.

But I also like to hear how people met the person they are with. Don't be shy, how did you meet....

Mike: Met my wife of 10 years now, while going into my NYC studio, that was part of an Art Gallery on 57th and Madison, and she was the new girl! She came up to me a few days later and asked if I photographed people.. and I jokingly said" I don't photograph anything that moves but I'll make an exception for you!" (I was a commercial photographer specializing in advertising photography for the NYC fine arts field so all my photography was studio work such as Picasso, Brancusi, Botero, etc. )

My co-host, Dana, says she met her husband: At a Halloween party, he was dressed as an desert prince and I a lover of any good novel that involved a sheikh, fell in love. We were introduced that same night but our love story didn't take place until 5 years later.

Jim: Which significant other? I'm on my 3rd now... YIKES! But so is she. Double YIKES? Met my wife at work...both of us separated and went to the Bayou in Glenville... we never looked back... He adds that it was twelve years ago.

It's just like in a movie for Olivia who says:
Rudy was an extra in a movie made for television. I was working in the TV news department at one of the Philly stations and was tagging along with the cameraman from the station who was moonlighting and shooting some film for the TV movie. Rudy rescued me from a sticky situation at a cast party later that night and the rest is history. Although it took many years for me to decide to settle down. And I had to get Rudy to get his hair cut. Crikey!

Kathy says: I met my husband Mark in 1978 while working part-time at Two Cousins Fish & Fry (used to be located off Route 7 near Northway entrance close to Latham Circle Mall area). (Anyone remember that place)? Happy to say, next month we will be married 22 years.

Kathy's friend Kathleen points out that not only did Kathy marry her Valentine she got married on Valentine's Day.

Kathy adds: He was a co-worker, who thought I was cute (lol). We dated for a time, then went our separate ways, and several years later we reconnected...and the rest is history as they say.

Another woman tells me: I had a crush on L in the second grade cause he had the same birthday as me & sparkling blue eyes! He was my first boy crush. 2nd one was several yrs later,...