Friday, February 15, 2013


Using Rafflecopter nine winners have been chosen. 
Our first-drawn winner will tell us what prize they would like.  They will receive that prize.
Remaining winners will list their prize preferences in order and will receive the highest prize in their order as we go down the list. The second-drawn winner will be awarded their most highly ranked prize of the remaining, the third winner their most highly ranked prize of those remaining, and so on.

If a prize winner' is disqualified, or they do not respond within 24 hours the other winners will move up in the order, and the last winner will be redrawn.

After everyone has chosen our two bonus gift cards will be assigned to two prizes! That way it really is a bonus!

First Prize Winner:  Jessica DeLuna  - Package C

Second Prize Winner:  Teresa Bergan -  Package E

Third Prize Winner:  Shelly Hammond - Package D

Fourth Prize Winner: Sarah Hendrich  -  Package H

Fifth Prize Winner: Christina Bandy -  Package G

Sixth Prize Winner: Pam K Chose  - Package A

Seventh Prize Winner: Lisa Cory -  Package F

Eighth Prize Winner: Jeannie Baker Platt  - Package B

Ninth Prize Winner: Mary Reiss -  Package I

Emails have gone out.  And remember ANY prize package still has the chance of getting a gift card bonus!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event, visited the posts, and entered the contest.  And, a HUGE thanks to all our donors and sponsors who made all these gifts possible!

Steph and Dana!