Monday, February 4, 2013

Looking For Love? Paranormal Personals
from Traci

Today's guest is Traci from MAD HATTER READS who brings us a funny look at the personal ads of some of our favorite Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy characters.  Like many people we assume have no trouble finding someone to love, supernatural beings often find themselves sitting home alone on a Saturday night -- especially if it's a full moon!

Mad Hatter ReadsSometimes even the paranormal need a little help in finding love. Some may go on blind dates that well meaning friends have set up. Some may go to a matchmaker although that practice is falling to the wayside as the matchmakers often want things like the first born child of the happy couple.

But more and more often our favorite single vamps, witches, shifters and demons are looking for love through the local personal ads. Here's a peek at this week's Paranormal Today (the best newspaper to keep you up-to-date on all the current happenings in the supernatural world).

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe, Nix's
Dream Date lwpkommunikacio

If any of these ads draws your eye, make sure you contact them quickly. I have a feeling these lovely ladies and gentlemen will be snatched up quickly!


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