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Love Rocks Olivia Cunning Asks What's Your Favorite Love Song?

I fell head over heels for Olivia Cunnings Sinners on Tour series, so it was only natural for me to beg her to post here! This is a very dynamic and exciting post! Great giveaway too!

Love Rocks

by Olivia Cunning
It’s almost Valentine’s Day—the holiday that celebrates love… and chocolate. If you’ve never heard of me, I write erotic romance books about rock stars. The Sinners on Tour series is very sexually explicit, but at each book’s core is a celebration of love. And how do rock stars express themselves? Through music. Each member of the band has a different idea of love, falls in love and expresses his feelings in a different way, and so I’ve picked a different love song to represent each of the books in the Sinners on Tour series.

The first book in the series is Backstage Pass. It’s about the lead guitarist of the band, Brian Sinclair. He’s the romantic on the group, but he has a habit of trying to be emotionally and romantically entangled too quickly. His heroine, Myrna, doesn’t want to be emotionally or romantically entangled at all. And so Brian sets out to win her heart. Brian’s love song is “All I Want” by Staind.

The second book in the series is Rock Hard. The lead singer of the band, Sed Lionheart, has a reputation of being, well, an ass, when it comes to women. He’s only interested in one thing and has been that way since his fiancée, Jessica, dumped him. What Jessica doesn’t know is that he’s never stopped loving her, so when they meet again, he’s not going to let her get away a second time. Sed’s love song is “If You Only Knew” by Shinedown.

The third book in the series is Hot Ticket. The bassist of the band, Jace Seymour, had a challenging upbringing (to say the least). He doesn’t understand love—how to give it or accept it from others and his heroine, Aggie, is probably the last person you’d think would be the one to show him what it means to be loved, but she refuses to give up on him. She wants to help him become whole again. Jace’s love song is “Erase My Scars” by Evans Blue.

The fourth book in the series is Wicked Beat. And it’s not being released until August 2013. It’s about the drummer, Eric Sticks. I won’t give away the plot, but I will give you a song. Right now Eric’s love song is “Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse. I’m sure that will change by the time the book comes out. I’m indecisive that way. And this song is much too soft for one of my playlists. But I like it and it sounds like Eric when he’s with his lady. Mushy.

The fifth book in the series is Double Time. And even though it’s the last book in the series, it’s already been released. Double Time is about the rhythm guitarist of the band, Trey Mills, and his attempts to get over someone in his past by finding love with not one, but two people. Trey has a lot of love to give. His love song is “Alive” by Adelita’s Way.

There are thousands of love songs in all genres of music. What’s your favorite love song?

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