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Who is the One Who Got Away? Caridad Piñeiro Asks

Taking a Gamble for Love . . .

Today, we are fortunate to be joined by Caridad Piñeiro.  Caridad writes several steamy series in paranormal and contemporary romance.  She is donating her share of the proceeds from her new book THE PRINCE'S GAMBLE to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund until March 1st.  So, be sure to check out her site for the information on that and related giveaways.

First of all, thanks to Stephanie and Dana for including me in this wonderful Fools for Love event.  I am totally a sucker for the Happily-Ever-After, although I do have a tendency to torture my characters for them to actually have their forever and always.  I think that the challenge makes the reward all that much sweeter.  That’s true of so many things in life.

I was a lucky fool for love since I met my husband in college and that was it for me:  Love at first sight, although it’s been a bumpy road at times.  Hard work, love and humor keeps us together luckily.

How I met my hubby is a funny and awkward story, but we still laugh over it and he still gloats with manly pride that I was the one who was hot for him. Men!

Being a book worm, jock and musician, I was rather busy in high school since I was determined to get a scholarship to college.  We didn’t have much money and I knew that was the only way I would be able to go.  Long story, I made it to college as I planned, but without a lot of the typical boy-girl stuff, so I was woefully geeky.  Still am actually, LOL!

We caught sight of each other in an orientation outing and quickly looked each other up in the Freshman Record, a book filled with pictures and short bios of the incoming class.  That’s how a few days later, I knew he was sitting in the wrong seat in biology class.  Since I had gotten his name from the Freshman Record, I had looked for him on the assigned seating chart and knew he was supposed to sit in front of me.

Oh no, you’re saying and chuckling.  Oh yes, I did (hangs head in shame).  When he sat down in the wrong seat, I actually told him where he should be.  So lame, but well, here we are, many years later, so I guess it worked out for the both of us.

But even though love works out for people and they have their happily-ever-after, sometimes there is a “someone else.” Someone who I guess you could say “got away” although sometimes you’re the one who is doing the away part.  Just like in one of the romance novels we love, things seem too enticing and too improbable, too dark and too sexy, so we choose not to do anything about it.  Years later, we may even wonder, “What if . . .?” since we didn’t take a gamble on that seemingly too good to be true love.

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