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Cathy Yardley Meeting her Husband and Her Character's Love Life

Cathy Yardley author of TEMPING IS HELL tells us how she met her movie-star gorgeous husband!!

Her new book is TEMPING IS HELL out from ENTANGLED this month! 
This is the story of twenty-nine year old Kate O’Hara, a “temp” extraordinaire with a long and varied job history, a reputation as the flaky “black sheep” of the family, and a woman just trying to pay the bills.
It’s also the story of her temporary boss — one Thomas Kestrel, the sexy magnate of Fiendish Enterprises, a conglomerate of corporations that cater to the rich and bored.  He’s sexy as sin, but he’s got some problems.  Like the pesky little detail of needing to kill thirteen people in the next year to get his soul back.  And when Kate inadvertently signs her soul over to him, she finds out she’s signed up for one hell of an temp gig.  If two wrongs make a right, then thirteen make a job.

I really enjoyed it, I thought it was fun and unpredictable. My review is here!

How Kate Met Thomas…
Kate O’Hara, the heroine in my novel TEMPING IS HELL, is working late on a temp assignment.  The billionaire owner of the company, Thomas Kestrel, is initially wary that someone’s lurking in the corporate headquarters at one in the morning, but as soon as he hears her sing “Baby Got Back” and says hi, he’s fairly confident that she’s not going to kill him.  As soon as he talks to her, sparks start flying – even if she does think that working for “big corporate” is about the same as working for the devil.  Little does she know how true that statement is…

How I met my husband…
I’d just moved back to San Diego after a few years in the Bay Area, and I was spending a lot of time with my Mom and a few of her best friends.  They kept telling me about their son, whom I never saw (I once joked that he was imaginary.)  Then one night as I was headed out to my car, I saw him, and… well, a combination of killer blue eyes and movie-star worthy dimples hit me like a train. Since guys like him (gorgeous carpenters) had not historically gone for a girl like me (nerd-a-licious writer), I thought that would be the end of it.  About a month later, he asked me out – and the rest is history.

Opposites attract.
My husband and I are definitely opposites.  He’s a car guy, I pretty much know how to fill the gas tank.  He can build anything with some wood and power tools, I’m more of a computer girl.  That said, we work in lots of ways because we’re so different.  We complement each other. 

In the book, Kate’s an anti-corporate, hippie-ish “flake” who has held a lot of jobs since she graduated from college, and she’s always just on the verge of getting her cell phone shut off.  She doesn’t even own a car.  Thomas made his first million by the time he was eighteen, and he’s the CEO of a huge conglomerate.  Kate’s an idealist with a strong sense of justice and an extreme approach to problem solving; Thomas, a guy who sold his soul and is now preparing to kill thirteen bad guys to get it back.  
But when they get together – there will still be plenty of sparks, and butting heads, but at the end of the day, they’re going to be unstoppable…  

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