Saturday, February 16, 2013


Two great authors, Erica Hayes donated a $20 gift code and Lisa Kessler donated a $10 gift code.

Since we had so many fab prize packages, we decided to make them even more exciting by waiting and "rafflling" the cards to prizes AFTER they prizes were chosen.  Kind of like a little power-ball.

First for the $10 code, I randomized the prizes A through I via then I had that site choose a number between one and 9.  It went to Prize C! First Prize WInner Jessica DeLuna has chosen Prize C so she gets a $10 bonus.

Then I re-randomized the list to take out prize C and had it draw a new random number 1 through 8 and it went to Prize A.  Sixth Prize winner Pam K had picked Prize A,  so she  gets a $20 bonus!!

Emails have gone out to the winners and the authors!
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Friday, February 15, 2013


Using Rafflecopter nine winners have been chosen. 
Our first-drawn winner will tell us what prize they would like.  They will receive that prize.
Remaining winners will list their prize preferences in order and will receive the highest prize in their order as we go down the list. The second-drawn winner will be awarded their most highly ranked prize of the remaining, the third winner their most highly ranked prize of those remaining, and so on.

If a prize winner' is disqualified, or they do not respond within 24 hours the other winners will move up in the order, and the last winner will be redrawn.

After everyone has chosen our two bonus gift cards will be assigned to two prizes! That way it really is a bonus!

First Prize Winner:  Jessica DeLuna  - Package C

Second Prize Winner:  Teresa Bergan -  Package E

Third Prize Winner:  Shelly Hammond - Package D

Fourth Prize Winner: Sarah Hendrich  -  Package H

Fifth Prize Winner: Christina Bandy -  Package G

Sixth Prize Winner: Pam K Chose  - Package A

Seventh Prize Winner: Lisa Cory -  Package F

Eighth Prize Winner: Jeannie Baker Platt  - Package B

Ninth Prize Winner: Mary Reiss -  Package I

Emails have gone out.  And remember ANY prize package still has the chance of getting a gift card bonus!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event, visited the posts, and entered the contest.  And, a HUGE thanks to all our donors and sponsors who made all these gifts possible!

Steph and Dana!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Charley Davidson asks: What Have You Learned About Love?
from Darynda Jones

 photo darynda_jones_2_14.jpg

Today, we have the fabulous Darynda Jones with an awesome Top Ten from Charley Davidson. Darynda Jones is one of my favorite authors, she connects with her fans on so many levels and leaves 
a lasting impression. We hope you enjoy the post and will let us know your thoughts!  

Love and a Little Plaid Skirt from Tara Sivec

A reader first introduced me to Tara, and the first book I read had me falling out of my chair with laughter. She is witty, ascerbic and very, very  naughty.  Her characters say the things we would like to say but don't.

Happy Valentine's Day.  I love you all, now click through to read this!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who is the One Who Got Away? Caridad Piñeiro Asks

Taking a Gamble for Love . . .

Today, we are fortunate to be joined by Caridad Piñeiro.  Caridad writes several steamy series in paranormal and contemporary romance.  She is donating her share of the proceeds from her new book THE PRINCE'S GAMBLE to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund until March 1st.  So, be sure to check out her site for the information on that and related giveaways.

Do You Have a Thing for Firemen?
Bachelor Firemen Series Author Jennifer Bernard Explores Fire House Traditions.

When we're little we want to be fire"men" but when little girls grow up it seems like a lot of us want to "do" firemen.
Jennifer Bernard asked her friends at the FD what they do to celebrate Valentine's Day. Want to see?

Ana from Ana's Attic asks, "What Is Sexy?"

I first came across Ana from Ana's Attic Book Blog in a review she wrote about Tara Sivec's Chocolate Lovers series.  It was as funny as Tara's book, so I had to invite her here!  Please take a gander at her very curvy post!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Participants Prize Winner!

Each person who participated in Fools for Luv as a Hopper, a Prize Donor or a Guest Poster was entered into a drawing for a participants prize. See post ( for details.

Love Rocks Olivia Cunning Asks What's Your Favorite Love Song?

I fell head over heels for Olivia Cunnings Sinners on Tour series, so it was only natural for me to beg her to post here! This is a very dynamic and exciting post! Great giveaway too!

Lynsay Sands on What Not to Do to Find Your Lifemate! AND A GIVEAWAY!

Lynsay Sands is the best selling author of both paranormal and historical romance novels. She came to my attention via her paranormal romance series about the Argeneau Vampires Immortals.

And as far as vampires immortals go she offers the best rationale I have ever seen (Nanites).

There's something about her characters innate nobility (mostly), their family ties and sexiness that made them one of my first loves in this genre.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Heroes Turn on the Romantic Charm by Laura Kaye

Someone who writes Love like Laura Kaye is a treasure beyond rubies,  I love the sincerity of her writing,

Tasty Tropical Treats for an Exotic Valentine's Day

Today's guests are friends of mine who are both authors of steamy romance. Julia reached out to me as a new blogger and Penny reached out to me through our mutual contact with Julia.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's in your Bag for a Night out on the Town with Your Valentine?
Author Marisa Cleveland Wants Your Advice!

Marisa Cleveland is a debut author with Entangled.  Her new story, out on Valentine's Day takes place in South Beach. But she needs your help to go out on the town.  Plus, an awesome giveaway!

"I'd like a "Love" cocktail, please."

 photo RA-LG-FFLHEadercopy_zps2c31acf4.jpg
    Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do something memorable with that special someone in your life. Whether you have a special someone or are still searching, love is powerful and has the ability to change us.


Creaky old voice: When I was a little girl, we celebrated Valentine's Day at school by:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Betas on Top: Erica Hayes talks about why a Beta might be better. AND A GIVEAWAY!

Erica Hayes is here today singing the praises of Beta Heroes! I had never thought about that too much but Alphas need their Betas and so do we!

Need Help with Modern Romance?
Jean Lafitte is Here to Save the Day!

I must say, I adore Suzanne's world of Pirates and Wizards and Post Katrina New Orleans.  I love her female main character who struggles through the unknown, the known and a triangle of men interested in her in a not so unprofessional way.  She is beautiful, clumsy, smart, magical, and can't swim to save her life (literally).

You will simply LOVE what she's written so, what are you waiting for?

Friday, February 8, 2013

MY BLUDDY VALENTINE from Delilah S. Dawson

Delilah S. Dawson authors the BLUD series, which takes place in Sang, a sort of Steampunk, parallel earth where most of the animals are vampires and where the leader of the carnival is Criminy Stain.  The first book in the series left me speechless. Read on for a special short story telling us about how Bludmen in Sang celebrate Valentine's Day. And, she's giving away a signed copy of WICKED AS THEY COME!

Great Expections
Where to Put Valentine's Day?

Dynamic writer Kenya Carlton joins us today with her Valentine's Dilemma!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Making "Us Time" a Top Priority
What are Your Valentine's Day Plans?

Turns out my friend Coreene knows about more than dragons! She has a good bead on what it takes to stay together and have a great relationship that in turn nurtures her whole family.  That's a Valentine's Day Winner! She's also doing an INTERNATIONAL giveaway and has donated to the Grand Prizes as well!!!

Cecy Robson: Black Belts and Pizza Sauce

Black Belt and Pizza Sauce

I met my husband at a Tae Kwon Do demonstration. I’d gone to see my brother, Douglas, perform, but one of the lead martial artists drew my attention away from my bro.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How'd You Meet Your Other?

Several of our guests have told us the circumstances through which they met their significant other. I thought I'd share, but then, I'm curious, how did you meet your significant other, partner, or spouse?

Terms of Endearment
What do you call your sweetie?

One of our fabulous guests today is Anna from HERDING CATS AND BURNING SOUP. I enjoy her blog, and she's a cat lover too, so natch Dana and I invited her to join up!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Notorious Lady Anne Giveaway

The Notorious Lady Anne by Sharon Cullen


Looking For Love? Paranormal Personals
from Traci

Today's guest is Traci from MAD HATTER READS who brings us a funny look at the personal ads of some of our favorite Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy characters.  Like many people we assume have no trouble finding someone to love, supernatural beings often find themselves sitting home alone on a Saturday night -- especially if it's a full moon!

The Meaning of Love from The Fabulous Joey Hill!

Please welcome one of my favorite erotica authors.  Her characters, mermaid, vampire, witch and human struggle with the same things we do , love fiercely and are always super hot!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cathy Yardley Meeting her Husband and Her Character's Love Life

Cathy Yardley author of TEMPING IS HELL tells us how she met her movie-star gorgeous husband!!

Killer Lasagna
An Excerpt from Laura's Valentine's Tribute and her Famous Recipe for Meerkat Lasagna

I first "met" Laura Anne Gilman through HARD MAGIC (a copy of which is her giveaway with this post!) her Paranormal Scene Investigations spin off of her Cosa Nostradmus series. Here's the description:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Debra Anastasia Gifts Us With A Poignant Love Story

In this post Debra Anastasia shares a beautiful and poignant story that reminds us of the meaning of true love.

Jennifer Estep Shares Her Favorite Romantic Movies
What are yours?


      Today, we have Jennifer Estep author of the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy and the Mythos Academy young adult series.
     Today, she's giving away a copy of BY A THREAD. Please use the Rafflecopter entry page at the bottom of the post. 

I love Jennifer's books.  They are smart, well-written, and filled with lots of thrilling action. Her characters face tough situations and grow their way through them. I'm up to date on the YA Mythos Academy series, and I am catching up on the Elemental Assassins.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Vanilla on Top Characters Visit Fools for Luv

C.J. Ellisson writes and speaks about erotica.  Having written several Paranormal Erotica pieces she had an idea for a contemporary piece. That piece became Vanilla on Top, One couples love story about empowering yourself in and out of the bedroom, and having that strength open  you to a loving relationship.It also deals with what happens when careers and love cross paths.

Welcome to February! by Lisa Kessler

Fools For Luv welcomes the talented Lisa Kessler and her fabulous work! Lisa invites you to take a closer look at her Night Series, a dark paranormal romance series that will enthrall you.  Enjoy!