Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thanks to Coreene Callahan and Suzanne Johnson!

Two writers each donated their time, enthusiasm and Grand Prize Packages to our event and we would like to thank them for helping make Fools for Luv a great time!. 
Coreene Callahan writes books about Hot men who can shift into dragons or dragons that can shift into really sexy guys.  Some of the dragons are the good guys and some are really, really bad guys.  Coreene also guest posts on February 7th with a few ideas on how to keep love alive all year.

Suzanne Johnson writes fondly of a city close to her heart, New Orleans. There are shifters in Suzanne's books too, they mostly bark or howl when furry and growl sexily when they are more human; there are also Wizards, and Undead Pirates. Just like New Orleans, her books are full of characters! Her guest post on February 9 is a Pirate's Guide to Modern Romance by one of her characters, the infamous Jean LaFitte. .

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